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WoW News
Welcome to KCDS

Welcome to the official home of The Kitty Cat Death Squad.
An alliance guild on the Draka server in the World of Warcraft.
Serving since September 15, 2007.
(Welcomed Suramar since merge on December 23, 2013.)


Other Guild News

WoD launch is here!

Kmichaels, Nov 12, 14 4:36 PM.
As you all swarm around the Dark Portal and/or hang out in your favorite capital city tonight, please know that KCDS is here to help you through your WoD launch ups and downs. 

Anarel is leading our final SoO raid beginning at 9pm server. Of course we'll run it again, but this is the last time it will be considered 'current content.'

Officers, including myself, will be available throughout the evening and also all of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to help you along this journey. Of course this content is new to everyone, so even those of us who spent countless hours in the beta test might not have ALL the answers for you, but we'll be in both chat and in our ventrilo server to assist when we can.

As always, there may be add-on issues, new patch/expac errors, and other things to deal with, so as these arrive, understand that they may be affecting everyone, not just you. Regardless, KCDS stands pretty much alone on Draka as the only one-stop shop in regards to our knowledge base in terms of tenure as a guild and the tenure of our experienced officers and members. If there's an answer to be found, we'll have it.

I'm very excited for the direction of our guild at this point and for the first time ever for many of you, you are faced with the task of attaining an increase of 10 levels to be at the maximum in this expansion. I hope you all are able to enjoy the new aspects of this game and I am looking forward to the stories that ultimately come from this exciting time in the game we all enjoy. 

On behalf of the officer team, those in the 'member' rank, and those who have come back to KCDS after some time away from the game, thanks for sharing these upcoming hours, days, weeks, and months with us in the World of Warcraft. 

KCDS Mourns.

Kmichaels, Aug 12, 14 11:22 AM.

Genie, you're free.

Watch Aladdin today- and take a trip through your favorite areas in WoW. Remember to be kind to yourself, we love you. If you are feeling depressed, sad, alone, and need someone to talk to: 1-800-273-8255


Kmichaels, Jul 29, 14 9:11 AM.

So, when I my group on beta tried to get into Skyreach, our healer kept getting disconnected so I didn't get to experience much (other than dying a lot.) 

Luckily, FatBoss put together a little 13 minute preview.

It's that time again!

Kmichaels, Mar 9, 14 12:38 AM.

KCDS HQ is moving... again

Kmichaels, Jan 30, 14 1:40 PM.
‚ÄčKCDS HQ is moving!

KCDS HQ has made MANY moves in the past...

from the Gem-state (or Potato State)...

to the Beehive State....

to the Silver State...

to the Hawkeye state... (or corn and cows state...)

and now.... KCDS HQ makes another move...

along the banks of the mighty Mississippi...

in a small community...

in the Land of Lincoln... (and Grant... and Reagan... and Obama)

and the home of the greatest baseball franchise in the history of the sport...

Secret Santa

Kmichaels, Dec 26, 13 12:33 AM.
Secret Santa has been a tradition for KCDS since its inception in 2007. In my opinion, I am extremely difficult to shop for. I have just about every single pet, every piece of vanity gear, every odd trinket, every water cooler item, and run... the risk of being judged as a hoarder.

This being said, I would like to publicly thank and applaud my Secret Santa this year. Every day I would seek out Blingtron in hopes of obtaining the pet and every once in a great while would see it while waiting for an LFR to fill or farming on the Timeless Isle.

Lil' Bling is everything I imagined it would be. We are currently doing some pet battles in the Vo4W as I prepare my perfect celestial tournament team that will have 37 strategic level 25s.

Happy Holidays!


Welcome, Suramar!!!!

Kmichaels, Dec 22, 13 8:30 PM.

KCDS completes 150,000 daily quests

Kmichaels, Dec 14, 13 5:33 PM.

Patch 5.4.2 In-Game Shop

Kmichaels, Dec 5, 13 1:08 PM.
The in-game shop is now 'live' on the PTR. It won't charge you anything, so you can purchase every single mount and pet to 'try' in case you're considering purchasing them in the future. Here are some screenshots of the shop. :)

Kmic's thoughts on Warlords of Draenor

Kmichaels, Nov 11, 13 9:27 PM.
So... I've managed to watch about 80% of the WoW portions of Blizzcon and here's where I'm as so far:

I don't even know where to start with my impression of WoD, the 5th expansion for the World of Warcraft so.. let's first make some outlandish predictions that we can all look back on later.

#1 - May 6, 2014 - WoD release date 

My birthday is the Wednesday of that week and I'm pretty sure I've earned enough clout with Blizzard to arrange for this to happen. Also, this falls just after Cinco de Mayo giving the fan base yet another reason to party the night before release. I'm not condoning drinking Corona's while in-line at your local Gamestop, but it paints a happy picture, don't you think?

#2 - Level 90's will be available as an in-game real money purchase option for $30.

Diablo 3 Auction House went real money, and had it been implemented differently, would not be going away in March. In the Hearthstone beta, you can purchase cards in-game. The beta.... They won't even transfer over when the game is released....
So now... most of you have heard that WoW is allowing ONE free upgrade to level 90 for any account that adds WoD. Here's part of the Q&A session at Blizzcon:

"You can technically buy as many level 90s as you want if you buy another copy of the game, get the level 90, and then transfer the character to your main account each time. The team has talked about putting a level 90 purchase option in the store, but it hasn't been decided yet."

Still think my theory is wacky?

#3 - Blizzard will market it's own exclusive tablet.

This will allow players to work on their garrisons when away from their computers. It will be the anti-iPad meaning, instead of only one button, it will have 19 in all. Sure, they could make an app that worked on iOS and Android, but that doesn't sound nearly as profitable to me. At Blizzcon, it was announced that Hearthstone will be available on Android and iOS in 2nd half of 2014. 

Ok, now that I've got those 3 out of the way... here are, what in my opinion, are the most important changes in the upcoming expansion.

No more reforging. Why? Because all the stats we normally reforge are GONE!!! Hit, Expertise, Dodge, and Parry are all disappearing in WoD. For those who have a Yak mount, no word yet what will replace that reforger.
No longer will an enchant be available for all of your gear. There will actually be a wider variety of enchants, but less items overall are 'enchant-able.'

Like those socket-bonuses? They're gonzo as well. 

Gem bonuses... well, they're not GONE. However, there will be less of them and the meta socket items along with meta requirements are...

New stats will be:
lifesteal, avoidance, sturdiness, speed, and cleave

There will be an item squish. This just basically means that all the numbers are going down... across the board...There are simply too many decimal places in our stats. It's silly to have level 100s doing 400,000 dps. 

There will no longer be 'strength' plate versus 'intellect' plate. The stat will simply change depending on your class/spec. :) Imagine how easy it will be as a pally to have one shield that has strength when you're prot, and intellect when you're holy. This applies to mail, leather, and cloth. I just am a plate enthusiast... I do have ONE issue with this, however. Why in the world would anyone queue as a tank/healer, when they can get just faceroll as dps and get all the gear they'll ever need?

If you have a computer that lags on medium video quality or below, you may want to save up for a new computer. Here's the info. You can decide if I'm right. (I'm right...) 
"The old Dwarf male has 1,160 polygons and was mirrored on both sides. The new model is 7,821 polygons and has higher texture resolutions. The face doesn't have to be symmetrical anymore. They went 956 to 5,408 polygons on the Gnomes. 130 to 196 bones. Texture resolution was 2 to 5x higher depending on the area of the body."
Any questions?

Your own garrison! You can invite up to 39 of your closest friends to come (in a raid) and check out your crib. 

There will NOT be a patch 5.5 for MoP. The entire team is working on WoD.

Leveling from 90-100 will not take 'forever.' The idea is to make this 'grind' NOT a grind. 

There is NO annual pass.

New raid difficulty is 'Mythic.' (after normal and heroic) Mythic is a fixed 20-man difficulty that works across realms.

No dailies!!!! OK, I lied. There WILL be dailies... but VERY VERY VERY limited. Instead of monotony, there will be a lengthy story line that develops over many many weeks. There will be more max level content than any other expansion thus far.

There IS a legendary questline. It is super-secret, and I just don't want to tell you about it right now.

Remember 'armor?' It's back.. as a stat... again.

Bonus valor for running with 'friends.' 10% extra per friend. My battletag is Kmichaels#1666. *wink*

Quests will have a chance to 'drop' rares and/or epics!

In summary, I have no idea how I feel about this expansion. I look forward to beta testing WoD and I guarantee that many of the planned changes will be tinkered with until they're unrecognizable. All in all, I'm excited, as always about any changes made in this game. I'm not sure I like everything planned, but as usual I'll continue to drink the Kool-Ade and enjoy Blizzard's award-winning product until my hearthstone breaks.

Sha of Pride down (flex)

Kmichaels, Nov 4, 13 1:54 AM.

UPDATED - Videos Page

Kmichaels, Nov 1, 13 3:18 PM.
So... the KCDS Videos page hadn't been updated since 2010....

so... I added the newer videos to it. :) YAY!

A Raiding Note...

Amellae, Oct 15, 13 4:14 PM.

“ If you sign up- show up. We are a leveling guild with a casual raid schedule. What that means is that we do 1-4 scheduled raids or runs per week. We use the in-game calendar for our raid and event schedule. If you sign up to run with us- show up or call and let us know what is going on. Habitual raid or event ditching (where a player signs up for a spot and doesn't show) will lead to a gkick!!! … Plan on being online 1 hour before raids begin!

~ KCDS Code of Conduct

The above quote is not new. In fact, I wrote it about six years ago.

Over the years KCDS has had 7 (that I can remember) raid leaders. Seven different raid leaders in just 6 years. That. Is. A. Lot.

I have always had a hands-off type of approach to raiding. I believe in having a raid leader, and giving the raid leader flexibility under the umbrella of KCDS-culture-ish-ness and our Code of Conduct. My reasons for this are actually pretty complex and range from personal to professional- but to summarize: Raiding stresses me out, and I believe that if I took over raiding we would nearly instantly become a spazzy-stressful raiding guild- and that is *not* what I have ever wanted. So- I wear the social hat, and have been happy to have a raid leader take over the raids.

Currently we have two different leaders who devote their time to raid leading. These men, who have lives outside of WoW- devote a night of their week to helping KCDS raiders take down bosses. Raiding is challenging, but can be *super* fun , exciting, and rewarding (both mentally as well as gear-wise). For now, I would like to focus on the challenges associated with raiding.

Raiding is hard. Raiding is stressful. Raiding can make even the most sweet and happy person want to throw her laptop out the window.

This is just a fact.

While raiding itself can be frustrating (wiping on the same boss five thousand times tends to make even the most pleasant people grumpy), there are things that can be done to mitigate some of the most common frustrations: requirements.

KCDS raid leaders reserve the right to set their own raid requirements. It has been my experience that *most* KCDS raid leaders are fairly open to raider input on this topic. KCDS raid leaders, and other officers, get whispers and mails containing raid feedback and we take them all seriously and we discuss them as a group. Often, some of the requirements are results of the very feedback that our guildies have given! We want our raiders to be successful and happy- we love seeing our guildies post links of their awesome loot! We adore screen shots with KCDS flags waving in the background! We want to see *every * guildie, who desires to raid, have a great raiding experience. So, we have requirements. Our requirements are not meant to exclude- they are meant to solve common problems. Some of you will have noticed that just a month ago there were no requirements, and now there are some- those requirements are a result of experience and feedback.

500+ilvl. I am not a raid leader, but somehow I have still managed to have more comments on this requirement than any other in the history of our raiding. I have had people tell me it is too low, I have had people tell me it is silly, I have had people tell me it is too high- comments regarding this are all over the place. I literally get 2 psts regarding this rule EVERY SINGLE RAID. Allow me to explain this: your gear matters. Period. While it is true that gear does not make the player, gear certainly can help. With the addition of the Isle- there is *no* excuse that someone cannot get a 500ilvl in a *very reasonable* amount of time once becoming level 90. *NO REASON* I played  on the Isle for *ONE* day and my ilvl went up 20 points. *NO EXCUSES* Is this ilvl too low? It might be- but I leave that up to our raid leaders. However, for those complaining it is too high, stop. Go spend a few hours on the isle a few nights this week, and sign up  to raid next time. This is an easy accomplishment, folks. Get ‘er done.

LFR experience. Currently both of our raid leaders request that everyone in the raid have LFR experience of the raid content. Why? I may not know their reasons, but here is my view: because it is the nice thing to do. Is it kind to our fellow raiders for one to walk into a raid, not know what he is doing, and repeatedly wipe the raid due to complete surprise of mechanics? No. Not nice. This rule is not about us being mean- the requirement is meant to prevent people from being rude to the raiders and wiping them repeatedly on simple mechanics that could have been viewed in LFR. **We do *NOT* expect perfection, and it is important to know that the mechanics of LFR, Flex, Reg, and Heroic are (or may be) all different – but the point is that when I sign up for a KCDS raid- I will know what a boss looks like, what some of the mechanics are, and where I should or should not be standing. Most of our guildies already have LFR experience before entering a raid. However, we have required LFR experience because it really does cut down on explanation time, and amount of completely unnecessary what-the-heck-was-I-just-standing-in wipes. (Those will still happen- there is a learning curve associated with raiding, and we do understand that- but the learning curve can be helped by LFR! It is there to help you! Just ask fellow guildies if they want to run, and go!)

Proving Grounds. Currently at least one of our raiders has requested for a specific achievement status in proving grounds. Why? Proving Grounds is amazing. AH-MAZE-ING. Proving Grounds will actually scale your gear (it is a pretty neat process, you can read about it on your own time) and will test and grade your *skills.* Proving Grounds is a place for you to improve, and to learn how to maximize your character abilities. If you are having difficulty it is a great chance for you to see where you are at, learn more about your spec (or change specs or glyphs as needed- all right there on the spot!), and try again. You are alone, and you get to do it as many times as you like- so it is excellent practice. More than that, it allows our raid leader(s) a chance to eliminate one of the most common problems in raiding: people being unsure of how to properly play their own class. If you are having trouble in Proving Grounds, do not be discouraged! Proving Grounds was not meant to be a cake walk! Check WoW sites, blogs, and videos for suggestions on how to improve your score. *IMPROVEMENT* should always be the goal. So, maybe you don’t make gold/silver/bronze this week, but if you are one phase higher, that is still improvement! Try your best, do your homework, and keep practicing. Proving grounds will really help you become a better player!

“Sign up, show up” and be on time. If you are not on time- raid leaders reserve the right to leave you out of the raid.
***IF YOU ARE ONLINE, BUT ARE BUSY IT COUNTS AS BEING LATE OR AS A NO SHOW*** This is entirely up to the raid leader- and I will not be entertaining complaints any longer. Last week we had a raider who had to work late- she notified the raid leader as soon as she found out, and her husband logged onto her toon and fought through trash with the group. THIS IS EXCELLENT! Needless to say- she had a spot! We also had a member of the group who had signed up, but didn’t meet the other requirements until ten minutes after raid time. This person did not get an invite. MORAL OF THE STORY: meet the requirements (please do not sign up if you do not meet them, requirements can generally be found in the calendar where you sign up to raid), and be on time. If you are online, but are in an instance of some kind, or otherwise hold up the raid- chances are good you will not be invited.

I am sorry if any of these seem harsh, I do not mean them to me. However, I don’t really understand when someone complains about them. I believe these requirements all seem like common sense and basic human decency. I stand behind our raid leaders and the expectations they have put forth. Remember, your guildies, and your fellow raiders, are all PEOPLE- they are all *real* people with lives, obligations, and families outside of WoW. Because of our limited raid schedule, it is *vital* that our time be used wisely. It is silly for us to block off times in our week only to become frustrated because of repeated completely-unnecessary wipes (LFR needed), a player’s inability to hit a needed DPS or HPS level (gear needed), or a player who may not be maximizing his toon’s abilities (proving grounds needed). My view is that it is *mean* to make nine (or more) other human beings wait around or fail at an objective because any ONE single person failed to be adequately prepared.

**Note: our raid leaders are completely allowed to make exceptions to any or all of these rules- but here in KCDS, we *do not believe everyone is an exception.* We believe you are all exceptional people- but that is not the same thing! We are aware there are players who are so skilled that their gear hardly matters. We are aware there are players who have such amazing gear that their playing ability may not be as important. We understand that due to time or availability someone may not have run LFR, but that person may be the type of player who can think on his toes so well that LFR may not be as necessary. But know- those are exceptions that will be made on a purely case by case basis- and that our raid leaders are *MUCH* more likely to stick to their requirements than deviate from them.

Here at KCDS- we really do care. We hope your WoW experience is a great one, and we would love for everyone interested in raiding to join us! Currently, to raid with KCDS there are only a few requirements (**ALWAYS read the requirements of a raid before you sign up! They are listed on the event itself, in the guild calendar!). These requirements are about helping insure our raid's success, not about exclusion. We would love for everyone to meet these requirements and raid with us each week!!!

If you have any questions, just let us know!
As always, HAVE FUN!!!!!
~Amellae, Guildmaster of Kitty Cat Death Squad 

Norushen down (flex)

Amellae, Oct 14, 13 2:43 AM.

Fallen Protectors down (flex)

Kmichaels, Sep 30, 13 2:08 AM.

Immerseus down (flex)

Kmichaels, Sep 30, 13 2:07 AM.

6 years....

Kmichaels, Aug 28, 13 12:48 AM.

KCDS was founded on Sept 15, 2007.
I may not have the time to produce a 6 year celebratory video... so... here's the 4 year one just for kicks! :)

Warcraft Movie Teaser at Comic-Con

Kmichaels, Jul 22, 13 10:09 PM.
Fans that were at Comic-Con this weekend got a treat in the form of a Warcraft movie teaser. It was a short clip that featured a human in the desert with a sword who comes across the skeleton of a solider. Kmichaels is currently an understudy but hoping to take the lead role by poisoning the dork that was cast ahead of him. He takes a drink and then picks up the shield, which has the Alliance insignia on it. An orc then shows up and charges the human, with the clip ending there.

Duncan Jones also mentioned that filming would begin early next year, so this was just a test shot for Comic-Con. Unfortunately, no recordings have shown up yet, and there are no plans to release the footage... Also, the part about Kmichaels playing the human was fake. I just wanted to see if this was TLDR material or not. Thanks for reading! :)

Patch 5.3 - What you REALLY need to know

Kmichaels, May 20, 13 1:44 PM.

Patch 5.3 is going live this week and I've read through all of the patch notes, the reviews, the data mining reports, the opinions, etc. on what is going to transpire in the World of Warcraft Tuesday. Unfortunately, Illidan is correct.... We are not prepared....

You are not prepared!

Luckily for you I have put together a list of final nuggets of wisdom you need to know to be fully prepared for this patch. Please note that these are not all the changes, but simply ones that MMO-Champion, Blizzard, TenTonHammer, Cinema Blend, Joystiq, Examiner, Wowwiki, Allakhazam, Wowhead, and Curse left out.

#1 - Your addons won't work and/or will have MANY errors. There are SO many in-game changes that it may take up to a week for all of your addons that you use to function correctly. If something is functioning the way it should in-game or a quest seems bugged or impossible... it's an addon problem. One of my favorite quotes is "that's a YOU problem." In this case, it's most likely true.

#2 - With the new activity in the Barrens, this will undoubtedly kindle fond memories of what Barrens chat USED to be like back in Vanilla WoW. Since many of you did not play then, here's all you need to know. Barrens, before it was split in half, was the single largest area for a 1)General chat and when servers were always high or full, this was the place to go for conversation. It was more utilized than Trade and often the conversation was VERY trollish. When I say 'fond memories,' to be truthful it was horribly annoying at the time to do any questing in Barrens. However, as time has passed we have romanticised it, along with just about anything pre-BC it seems.

#3 - There will again be complaining on both sides of the talent/gear/ilevel spectrum. Neither side is right, but both have valid arguments. Heroic scenarios require an ilevel of 480 and 3 people to queue but the first of each day gives 120 valor (150 if you beat the timer.) "A Test for Valor" now completes in 3000 instead of 6000 valor points. You can level mining and herbalism in Pandaria at any skill level. The most contorversial change in my opinion will be the change where everyone has 65% base resilience. If you don't PvP here's what that means: Now you can... viably... without getting ANY gear...

#4 - Those who can solo old school raids, get the new pets first. With Kara, SSC, and TK adding pet drops this patch, the race will be on to obtain them! Good luck!

#5 - Pet Battle Spectating is not a big deal. It's simply a change in graphics where instead of the battling player being phased, he/she and the battling pets are viewable to anyone nearby. An outside player cannot target any of the pets, but it's an upgrade from just seeing the battling player appear to be frozen in time for 2 minutes.

#6 - Loot specialization demands 5 minutes of your time to understand. Otherwise, you may end up with a heal drop instead of a dps drop on your bonus rolls, LFRs and/or Pandaria quest rewards. This allows you to set the spec you wish to /roll on loot for in these examples. Take the time to understand it, because I am not about to feel sorry for you when I took a good 21 minutes and 17 seconds typing this for you now.... (Try psting Cameron.... he cares about you problems...)

#7 - Something will be bugged.. badly. Patch 5.2 was less than 3 months ago and this is a BIG patch. The PTR was littered with bugs and it would be improbable to think they were all resolved 100%.

There are many other tidbits I took away from this patch, but those are the most important. If any of you have questions once it's live (note: Extended Maintenance will be delayed... probably 2 or 3 times...) feel free to contact myself or any of your fellow guildies via Facebook, Vent, Twitter, pst, Guild Chat, homing pigeon, Western Union, GroupMe, Text Message, or standard mail. We'll be happy to help you.


Amellae, May 16, 13 12:09 PM.

Yes, its true! KCDS PVP is coming! This Saturday at 6pm server, log on and join the fun! NO experience necessary! For any questions or more details talk to Hellenas!
KCDS on Facebook
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